Our Policies

Our Mission.

MES strives to be known as the premier Power Transformer service provider of choice in the Pakistan market.

Our Values.

MES, since its inception, has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

Quality Policy.

MES delivers excellence in our services that ensure customer value and contribute to their success. Our commitment to quality is reflected through programs focused on continual improvement and reasonable compliance with: applicable regulations, industry standards and best practices, contractual requirements and corporate initiatives.

Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental (HSQE).

MES treats HSQE procedure as a duty to ensure that the company operates as a responsible contractor/ service provider. Misma maneuvers in the most hazardous industries Pakistan, but operates with the competency and training of employees to guaranteeing that our systems and services are delivered efficiently and eventually without any injuries or detrimental effects on the environment.

Values Charter.

The product of teamwork,this value charter is both the reflection of our corporate Culture and the expression of our commitment to sustainable development. These values must govern our business decisions and activities every day.